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Well, I know that I have been away from here for quite  a while.  I just was not too clear on what else I might have to say.  Well, now I have something to say, so here it is.

I have to think that Montauk is the gift that keeps on giving.  (That was a bit of snark, btw)

Just the other night when I was trying to get back to sleep, in those wee hours, I was thinking about something.  What it was I couldn’t tell you because when I was thinking those thoughts, they were erased mid thought despite my efforts to hang onto them.  It happened a couple of times.  I could swear that memories were trying to jog loose and be free in my conscious awareness.  There was something inside (or outside or both) of me that wouldn’t allow it.  I got the sense of a program of sorts that certain kinds of thoughts and memories will be deleted upon surfacing.  What I am left with is frustration.  And I have been working on clearing these programs and such.  No matter how much work I do on this, there are still deeper into the rabbit hole I go. Perhaps my error is that even though I think there is a bottom to this, there is no bottom to this.  And these things come to the surface at the most inopportune moments, usually in the restless wee hours of the night.

There was also another troubling incident that I had a while back.

A few months back, I was driving home from a friend’s house in Ocala, Fl.  The route I was taking goes through the Ocala National Forest.  I was consciously and deliberately looking for the sign that had the name of it on it.  Not only did I not see the sign, I missed the whole half hour or so of forest.  I just remember the parts of the road before it and after it.  And I thought that I was over any missing time episodes.  This one was major and I have no memory of what transpired in that lost half hour.

So, this all tells me that I still have some work to do.



UFO/ET Experiences Part Two


When reading one of Whitley Striebers book one night in the late 80s, I heard 3 bangs 3 times at my window. I started to feel terrified. Then, I felt an energy enter the place where my head and neck join. It went through my whole body. I suddenly felt very sleepy and calm. I couldn’t stay awake and fell asleep.  I have also experienced this same kind of energy later on along with other people.

One evening, back in 1977, during a stormy winter evening something quite strange happened. I was in bed at the time. I saw a bluish light flood my room through the window. I also heard the sound of buzzing as well. I thought of looking out the window, but was too terrified to do so. I kept thinking how like the movie “Close Encounters” this was.  Now, I have thought of what this might be.  Perhaps it was a police car’s blue light?  No, it was way too icy out for any car. And, I didn’t hear any car noises outside.  Ball lighting?  Perhaps.  But, it did hang there for several minutes.  I would’ve expected to see the outside of the house or something near it singed.  Damn my cowardice!  I’ll never know for sure.

One day I asked if I was having abduction experiences and if so, could I get a sign that this is so? The next day when I was in the bath tub, I saw three new round scars that were arranged in a triangular formation. I have also had unexplained wounds and triangular-shaped bruises. This was at the time of the Hudson valley UFO sightings. I have also had a large triangular one on my arm, which I didn’t have before I went to bed, but only upon waking up. It looked like a burn that got worse at first, then it gradually faded out. I thought that I might’ve been branded.

I had a series of inexplicable puncture wounds over a course of a couple of years. They always occurred in the outer lobes of my ears. First, there was the one in my right ear lobe that again, I woke up with. There was usually a spot of blood on the pillow. Then, six months after that, I woke up with another puncture wound in my left earlobe. The next one, also a puncture wound, was in the right ear lobe just about exactly a year to the day of the first wound. This last one also occurred on the night of some missing time. I was driving my friend home from Circleville, NY to NJ. I was driving towards Route 17. I have no memory of how I got onto Route 17, though and I found myself extremely disoriented and noticed that the time was about 30-45 minutes later than it should’ve been. When I tried to remark on this to my friend, she blurted out that we weren’t abducted. I didn’t ask her that so it is curious as to why that was the first thing to come to her mind. She was also freaked out about the aqua blue lights that she kept on seeing through her apartment window. I go to see them and they were quite unnaturally blue unlike any stars in the sky. They also kind of lingered in the same area for stretches of time.

In that same ear, I later noticed an odd protuberance sticking out of it. It kind of felt and looked like a wire. I had a friend of mine check it out by feeling it. She confirmed that it was there. Later on, I did a really stupid or really smart thing. I got to run an electric current with a machine-made for building up one’s core energy with electric current. I had my friend put the ….. to the ear withe the object. It either moved or was disintegrated because, since then, I have been unable to find it.

All of this was not the end of the ear wounds, though. After many years of no incidents, I had on in the winter of 2007. I woke up with a puncture wound in my right earlobe once again. This was also around the time of some vivid disturbing dreams of a creepy looking small stranger with strange large eyes looking down at me and a normal looking young man with a bandana on his head (kind of reminds me of the so-called super soldier type) being let in by my landlord also looking down on me.

Speaking (how silly to say that since I am really writing) of dreams, I once had a dream that I was walking up my home street. A UFO was flying overhead.  I then was taken up to it.  I felt no fear.  Then, the next thing I remember in it was my lying on the steps of the porch.  In the bushes were some owls looking at me.  Owls are often reported as a cover memory in abductions.

More to come….

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