I’ve been going through various sundry past experiences and attempting to make some readable order out of them.  I will publish short snippets. It’s better for my ADD.

Way back, when I was much younger (I think I was either 12 or 14) when I was extremely ill.  I once had a whole conversation with my mother one night when I was ill. She had woken me up to give me my medicine. I have no memory of this happening.

During my senior year in high school, I was having the occasional blackout.
There was one day in Physics class when the teacher came down real hard on me. I was fuming with anger all day. At the end of that day, I was walking to the locker room. The next thing that I remember is walking out of the locker room. I walked onto the bus and as I sat down, my friend seemed concerned and asked if I was okay. I asked her why she was asking me. She told me that before I boarded the bus, the bus driver was asking where I was since I was a regular on the bus. One of the girls there told her that she saw me at my locker kicking it and screaming. I have no memory of this happening to this day.  I had had other brief blackouts during the previous year in high school there when I lived in Florida for a little while.

In college, I experienced the same thing as well. I would go from point A to Point B and not have any memory of how I got there.
When I was in London when I was 22, I also had an intense experience which included multiple blackouts.  I do know that “I” wasn’t totally inactive when these happen.  Since it is way too personal right now, I will  forgoe the details.  I will only say that I was alternatingly co-conscious with whoever else was sharing this body at the time.  Perhaps when I get the courage I might write about that someday.

This is one of the symptoms of those who are DID/MPD.  A blackout with a purpose as London surely was implies a programmed state, I believe.  Is it still happening?  I really am not sure.