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In the morning, I woke up dizzy, nauseous, and somewhat out of it. I also found that the door I had so carefully locked was now unlocked.  I saw my host at breakfast for the last time and she told me that she also felt dizzy and nauseous.  She told me that it was unusual for her to feel this way.

I also remembered that the night before, I had a vivid dream.  I was standing up in a room with boys and we were all naked.  We were forced to stare at a large movie screen and something was playing on it.  I have no clear picture of what that was, though.

Camp Hero

Here is where I didn’t go, this time.now unlocked.  

I left for a last go around of the park and base. I drove around the odd little supposedly subsidized community which was suspiciously lacking in people who were actually being subsidized. It was rumored that base personnel actually lived there and that there was an entrance to it from a house there. The residents who were outside scrutinized me as I drove through their streets.

After that I drove back to the park. I was determined to at least walk up part of the path to the base. I have to say that I was still too afraid to actually trespass on the actual base since I was alone. That was to come at a later date. I was pretty skittish when I walked on the path that led to the little radar (the one that the men had been working on). The image of that scowling man with the binoculars in my mind (danger, danger) and my partly disoriented queasiness didn’t help. I felt a bit paranoid and overly cautious and was afraid of being seen. Of course, it was most likely that already had happened. I didn’t go too far and turned back. I had enough and wanted to go home and rest.

So, I did just that and left. One other interesting thing that happened is that the problem that I had with my car just went away as if somehow it was repaired.

This was my “first” trip out there, but not my last.  In those trips I finally got the cajones to actually take a walk on the base.

Post script:

Preston Nichols told a story the Montauk Night after this trip. He said that some of them went out to Montauk on the 13th with the Montauk boy that they had found in Georgia (see post). They had originally planned to go on the base, but Pete saw that the grid on it was all awry and there were vortexes supposedly torn loose, which was dangerous. So, they too did not walk there that day.

Also, Preston claimed that on the 12th, he received a phone call from whoever he was allegedly in contact (the colonel?) at the base asking for his help. Supposedly, what Pete had seen had really happened and operations were ground to a halt.  One Montauk boy escaped around then as well. I later met him.

So, did the action I took have an effect on the grid there?  At least some very nefarious doings were postponed at least for another decade by some agency whether known or unknown.

A Montauk Host Story


Since it’s been quite a while between posts, I thought I’d offer this little story.  Yes, living in Montauk could be a bit hazardous even if one was not part of  the Project.

Back to 1993: Miraculously, I found a B&B just two weeks before the August 12th date. While I was there, my host told me a story of her experience with Camp Hero.

Back in 1985, she was living in Montauk under protective custody since she was a prime witness against some corrupt cops. Since the base was not closed off at the time, She and some others would drive through it to the cliff that was bordering the beach there where they would fish.

One of those days, while she was fishing, there was an explosion where her car was. It went up like a fire-ball. Running up to it, all that she saw was a pile of melted slag and the improvised hanger antenna that was attached to it.

There is no known cause of this explosion.  It could’ve been a test of a wonder weapon.  I have read about this kind that can have that kind of effect.  The antenna not being affected, though, is strange.  Also, there were stories (mainly from Preston Nichols) that there were stray energies of such strength as to be this dangerous at Camp Hero.

All that can be said in conclusion so far is that this is one of the many anomalies that are attributed to the Camp Hero area of Montauk Point.

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