Almost the kaleidescopic effect

A couple of days ago, I had a rather disturbing experience and an alter personality come to the surface.  I was in pre op being prepared for a surgical procedure to reconstruct my feet.  The smiling anesthesiologists were administering their chemical cocktail to put me out.  After a few seconds, I was unconscious.  Then, I woke up in hell or hat seemed like hell.  It is hard to describe what I was experiencing, but I will try.  I was extremely disoriented and I saw what looked like shattered glass shards with black and white objects in them that were moving around me rapidly.  It was like being inside a giant kaleidescope. It was sickening.  I was disoriented and frightened.  I said to whoever might be there (I couldn’t see them), “What did you give me?”.  I heard the anesthesiologist’s voice say “a psychotropic”.  That must’ve been some dose.  I didn’t like it at all and wouldn’t want to repeat the experience. I mercifully blacked out.

It wasn’t I who finally woke up, it was someone else. She asked “where am I?”  The woman there told her where she was and asked her if  she knew who she was. She told her that she didn’t know.  I/she looked like a young woman with short dark hair kind of like the girl in the movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” except the bangs were shorter and there were no piercings.  (I never saw the film).  She also thought that I was from Norway. She was also a Delta (assassin and such).  She even told her that she was from Norway.  Then, she was babbling  something foreign sounding, possibly Norwegian.  Then, she/I passed out and I woke up as myself.  I could remember this since part of me was conscious at the time.  I discussed the incident with the woman and she told me that I was given ketamine, a strong hallucinogen and that what she thought was I told her that I was from Norway.  She also told me that things like that often happen.  I told that she was lucky that she/I was still unable to get up because she could’ve hurt her.  She took it lightly since I had just come out of Anesthesia.

The first incident was reminiscent of Monarch, possibly Montauk mind control programming in which drugs, sensory overwhelm, mirrors (these looked shattered), and dualistic themes (the black and white) are used.  Also, refer to the post on black fractals.  There is an image there that has  something close looking.  I could’ve also seen some of the programming as it was or as it was being shattered thus bringing a sleeping alter to the surface.  Of this I am not quite sure.  Well, I wanted to know what might be in there.  Now I know to what extremes I would have to go to to find out.  I wouldn’t want to go through that ever again.