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I was asked to give a talk on the Montauk Project and my experiences in it.  My very first public appearance! This will be at New Smyrna  Beach, FL on March 8th at 2PM.

A discussion with ‘Montauk Girl’

Sunday, Mar 8, 2020, 2:00 PM

Half Wall Brewery
1887 FL-44 New Smyrna Beach, FL

1 Members Attending

Maia grew up in the Hudson Valley area in New York State. She is a UFO experiencer who has been a member of several UFO groups in that area. She is an energy healer using such modalities as Reiki, The Melchizedek Method, and toning. She also is a Montauk Project survivor. Her blog is at: ‘ Maia Leibowitz, also…

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It took me a while to view the episode on The Montauk Project.  A bit of a critique now.  I was interviewed for an hour or so and a lot more was said.  The best parts were edited out and they were of some definite memories in answer to their questions about any definite memories of being in the project.  Only some random memories were aired.  And then any mention of David Anderson was also expurgated with the resident “expert” Dr. Michio (media science whore) Kaku saying that David’s time reactor patent looked like a child’s drawing which was not true .  That is usually what happens in the MSM.  So, not surprised at all.  Always seems like disclosure theater once again.

Preston Stroke/Duncan Cancer

I received this email from the Time Travel Education Center:

“I am unhappy to report that Preston suffered a stroke and is now in a nursing facility where he will receive physical therapy. His immediate friends anticipate a recovery but also say the entire situation should prove to be very challenging.  I reported earlier that Preston suffered a heart attack in July.  Although Preston did not agree that he necessarily had a heart attack, he was diagnosed with such and has a pacemaker. While it seems he has been struck with harbingers of doomsday, my intuition tells me he might pull through.

Duncan has been suffering with 4th stage prostate cancer and here is an update and an avenue to contribute if you would like:”

OK. So I haven’t posted in years thinking that would be it.  But no.  If you haven’t been living in the wilderness or been in a coma for the last couple years, you might have heard or viewed the show on NetFlix called Stranger Things which is now in season two.  I recently was interviewed for a French magazine just because of this show.  Still waiting to see if it is ever published.  But here is one pretty good article that isn’t derisive and seems to be show an openness to considering that maybe there is validity to the Montauk Project having been (or still is) real.  So here is the link so you can read it for yourself:

It’s been a while I know since my last post.  I had only very little to sat for a while.  But,  now one of the most in demand persons that is associated with the Montauk Project is facilitating a tour to Camo Hero on April 8th, where it took place.

Duncan Camerson

Duncan Cameron

It is amazing he is doing this since he told me in our last conversation that he was finished with anything to do with it.  But, I knew that that was not entirely true.  It wasn’t finished with him and he is tied to it like myself in oh so many ways.  Here is the link for more info and registration:

And now for something other than myself. Mind control through forced drugging via airborne Lithium. Think it can’t happen to you? Are you concerned?

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Another Day of Freedom in North America… I’m in a great mood… must be that lithium now in our atmosphere… so glad it is included with all the other chemicals along with the chemtrails and radiation… I must send a thank you note to the 10-15% of the population working against the people and the planet for the freebee, and the other 70%-80% who love their slavery enough to never offer an alternative… and now that I’m in such a great mood, I don’t care about anything… except more free lithium!… weeeee… wow it’s fun not to care… look at me folks… see how shiny my hair is and my nice clothes made by child slaves? That’s what is most important in the world now… it’s how I look and the fact that I care about nothing important…

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Interesting activity on this blog on the 29th of March.  The one page that was mostly viewed was the one on the “Maia Stargate” .  There were 57 in all on one day, which is very unusual, so I kind of noticed it.  I am told that this is a hoax and yet, there is quite a bit of interest in it it seems.

Here are some pics of the stats on this.

blog traffic 32913

blog traffic 32913

This may be of interest for those who can attend.  The main theme will be on time travel.  Several Montauk Project connected people will be speaking.


awake and aware conference



Confirmed speakers:









Link here:

And I Lost. I will be posting very little over the next few weeks. I need time to convalesce. You see, I was in a bit of a car/trailer crash. The car is now officially DOA. I also have several injuries from it. My left foot and ankle got crushed under the dashboard and maby bones were broken. My right ankle has a fracture and my left forearm has a deep gash and the wrist is broken or sprained. I have several minor lacerations as well. So, for I am writing this to you in the hospital while I await my surgery. I will be back in 6 weeks or less. I will probably be quite a bit thinner since meds make me lose my appetite and barf. I am,however, getting help from famliy and friends that are in the area, for which I am grateful for. Write again soon.

Write You Later

I am moving to a new location and am quite busy with it at present, so updates will come later on this month. I haven’t run out of things to say and have plans on more revelations and such. Exciting things are on the horizon!  Well, so I’ve been told (sort of).  Till then….


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