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Hi all!

I only post when I have something relevant and new to say, so here it is…I am supposed to be featured on an episode of Mysteries Decoded on CW.  I was flown all the way to Montauk for this episode and it was an interesting experience.  Now, having been a casualty of the cutting room floor before, I may or may not make the final cut for this episode.  That depends on those who produce and edit it.  And if I do make it, I will be rather anonymous in it anyway.  But, it will also feature Peter Moon who co wrote and published the series on The Montauk Project as well as some other new information that isn’t out there yet.  So, it is worth a viewing.  You can find it here starting Tuesday August, 27th at 9PM central time.  You can view it on the website at



Where To Go Next?


I am working on which direction I will be taking this blog in. There are so many linked subjects such as UFOs, MKUltra, the media and entertainment industry, psychic phenomena, time travel, other linked conspiracies, and ways to possibly better one’s situation, that I can cover here. I still have some personal stories yet to tell, but have gotten a little bit in that quandary. At present, a lot of my focus has been on the physical since I am still healing from the car accident that I was in last year. Soon I will be walking.

So, even though this blog is dormant, it is not dead by a long shot.  I will be back  with a vengeance when I am back.  I thank you all for reading this.






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