My name is Maia.  Well, that isn’t my birth name (I call it my slave name).  It’s a name from a long time ago, though and my real name.  Nice to meet you.  I have been aware of my part in the Montauk Project since around 1993 after the book “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” was published.  In my interactions with the author and editor, I have found (sort of) my place in the saga, so to speak.  Of course, not all paths to reclaimation are straight and easy.   There are many vested interests in keeping such info still secret.  Hence, the occasional suspicion of reprogamming that may be still happening.   I got the overnight wounds to show for it.  Well, that isn’t the all of me, but it was a formative part of me, unfortunately.  I just decided a while ago to write it out for all of you to see.