And now for something other than myself. Mind control through forced drugging via airborne Lithium. Think it can’t happen to you? Are you concerned?

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Another Day of Freedom in North America… I’m in a great mood… must be that lithium now in our atmosphere… so glad it is included with all the other chemicals along with the chemtrails and radiation… I must send a thank you note to the 10-15% of the population working against the people and the planet for the freebee, and the other 70%-80% who love their slavery enough to never offer an alternative… and now that I’m in such a great mood, I don’t care about anything… except more free lithium!… weeeee… wow it’s fun not to care… look at me folks… see how shiny my hair is and my nice clothes made by child slaves? That’s what is most important in the world now… it’s how I look and the fact that I care about nothing important…

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