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Blackouts Happen(ed)

I’ve been going through various sundry past experiences and attempting to make some readable order out of them.  I will publish short snippets. It’s better for my ADD.

Way back, when I was much younger (I think I was either 12 or 14) when I was extremely ill.  I once had a whole conversation with my mother one night when I was ill. She had woken me up to give me my medicine. I have no memory of this happening.

During my senior year in high school, I was having the occasional blackout.
There was one day in Physics class when the teacher came down real hard on me. I was fuming with anger all day. At the end of that day, I was walking to the locker room. The next thing that I remember is walking out of the locker room. I walked onto the bus and as I sat down, my friend seemed concerned and asked if I was okay. I asked her why she was asking me. She told me that before I boarded the bus, the bus driver was asking where I was since I was a regular on the bus. One of the girls there told her that she saw me at my locker kicking it and screaming. I have no memory of this happening to this day.  I had had other brief blackouts during the previous year in high school there when I lived in Florida for a little while.

In college, I experienced the same thing as well. I would go from point A to Point B and not have any memory of how I got there.
When I was in London when I was 22, I also had an intense experience which included multiple blackouts.  I do know that “I” wasn’t totally inactive when these happen.  Since it is way too personal right now, I will  forgoe the details.  I will only say that I was alternatingly co-conscious with whoever else was sharing this body at the time.  Perhaps when I get the courage I might write about that someday.

This is one of the symptoms of those who are DID/MPD.  A blackout with a purpose as London surely was implies a programmed state, I believe.  Is it still happening?  I really am not sure.



Interesting activity on this blog on the 29th of March.  The one page that was mostly viewed was the one on the “Maia Stargate” .  There were 57 in all on one day, which is very unusual, so I kind of noticed it.  I am told that this is a hoax and yet, there is quite a bit of interest in it it seems.

Here are some pics of the stats on this.

blog traffic 32913

blog traffic 32913

Where To Go Next?


I am working on which direction I will be taking this blog in. There are so many linked subjects such as UFOs, MKUltra, the media and entertainment industry, psychic phenomena, time travel, other linked conspiracies, and ways to possibly better one’s situation, that I can cover here. I still have some personal stories yet to tell, but have gotten a little bit in that quandary. At present, a lot of my focus has been on the physical since I am still healing from the car accident that I was in last year. Soon I will be walking.

So, even though this blog is dormant, it is not dead by a long shot.  I will be back  with a vengeance when I am back.  I thank you all for reading this.






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