Throughout my life I have met and had relationships with several boys who fit the Montauk/Monarch profile.  One that got some notoriety in the 1990s was one named Michael Ash.  Allegedly, he kind of escaped from the Montauk underground in 1993 kind of around the time I was there (see “The Camp Hero Crosspoint”).  After his “escape” and deprogramming by Preston, he started to give presentations on his part of the Montauk Project.  I did learn a thing or two from him, such as how to tell the difference in energy of various staticky videos.  But, he was not much in the way of help.  He would admit to me in private that there were Montauk girls in the project and then would tell the public that there are/were no such thing as a Montauk girl.  He only would say that there were girls programmed as “Black Widows*” and “Miss Expendables*” for the boys.  I gather he was part of the damage control.

There were some guys that I suspect were in the project or related projects since they fit the profile.  And, did I tell you, being a Montauk girl makes it a lot easier to meet Montauk boys, since these are usually arranged meetings (behind the scenes).  That’s part of the control too.  I will tell you of one that I know is a Montauk boy.  He used to live on the floor above me in the first house I moved into.  He was tall, blonde, and Nordic looking.  He was troubled, psychic, and self-absorbed.  Yet, we had a  connection.  One time I got the mail out of the mailbox.  There was one envelope for a phone bill addressed to a Alan Batchelor.  I asked him if he knew what that was  about.  He told me that Alan Batchelor was his mentor (handler?) and put the phone under his name to help him out.  I also later heard this person’s name mentioned in connection with the Montauk Project.  One night, he answered the door and there were some strange men there.  They said something to him and then he broke out into full on Karate Kid mode.  This was a supposedly passive person.  I now wonder if  this was a programmed response to a perceived or actual threat. One time he had the flu and I was upstairs.  His door was open and he was there.  He looked around at me with a kind of fierce expression on his face which made me want to be way away from him.  I found out later why that was so, you see He is one  of the ones that I remembered in the Montauk underground.  He was a psychic assassin/executioner that I will tell you about in another post.  In this experience, he turned to look at me after he psychically executed some associates, I saw the exact same expression on his face as he turned toward me.  (I guess I really do have to post this story next to clarify things.)

I haven’t seen him or Michael in a long time since they are off the radar, so to speak.  For some reason, I’m not feeling too sorry about that.