Snow White and the Huntsman copyright Universal Pictures

Black Fractal Example

Back in 2010, there was a symposium at Montauk, which I attended.  I was split between nursing my extreme cold, participating in the symposium, and monitoring the Camp Hero Crosspoint.  When I took a look at the crosspoint, it was a mess.  In it I saw what appeared to be black shards with barbs on them.  It was covered with them.  I would’ve cleared it before anyone walked blissfully unaware of the potential harm that awaited them.  These were bad since they are what would be termed “black fractals” which are negative energies/entities/programs spawned from our collective unconscious darkness (sometimes and most likely deliberately in this place) that latch on to someone and dig into them causing sickness (starts etherically)  and other havoc.  I mostly walked around the circle of that crosspoint when we arrived there on that Saturday morning.  The others just waltzed right in.  I did try to warn them (maybe not loudly or emphatically enough), but no one listened.  Of course, several got very ill with upper and lower respiratory illnesses.  One even was serious enough to have to check into the hospital.  Later, before leaving the area, I did go back to clear it all out.

I write about this because I just recently saw the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman”.  There were several scenes that showed those black fractal shards only larger.  They were a recurring visual in the picture.  I first learned about them from Stuart Wilde.  I even went to one of his seminars and got to see them for the first time live.  I have even seen them coming from a cell tower in Newark, NJ.  Collectively, they had the appearance of a black dust.  It was being distributed in that area.  I used to use that train station.  Ever since I saw that I have never gone there again.  But, good news, they can be cleared out.  The other bad news is that it is a never-ending battle of maintaining  that clearing.  Just like one had to wash oneself everyday, one needs to clear one self energetically as well.

Yes, the game is rigged in this world, but here may yet be hope, but it is not enough.  Action is always required to bring hope to realization.  For counteracting this kind of nastiness, shielding and clearing are in order.  There are many techniques for this, so at present, I will not go into details on them.  A quick search on Google (or any search engine of your choosing) will bring up that info.