OK, you who love to interpret these kind of things might have a field day with this.

Last night I dreamt of Montauk.  I only remember a fragment of the dream, but that was the only part that I know of that featured that town.

In it I was attending an event when I got the sudden overwhelming urge to visit Montauk.  I thought that I would only go for a short while so I would not be missed.  I don’t remember how I got there,  but I was there on the outskirts of the town.  As I walked toward it, I saw bodies lying on the ground to my right.  Up ahead I saw a fog.  I walked into this fog.  As I did, it got thinner.  The town looked as if many bombs had been dropped on it.  It (especially the street) was in ruins.  Bodies (dead or unconscious?) were lying all over the place.  Then I noticed a noxious smell that made me begin to feel sleepy.  I had the strong feeling that I should get out of there quick.  I did so while saying out loud that I was going to find my phone to call 911.  I woke up but the smell lingered for a while afterwards.