I used to have incidents of spontaneous telekinesis in the late 70s and early 80s.  It started after I did a thought game I called “What if?”.  I imagined “what if I cold move objects with my mind?”.   Well, this was one powerful “what if” since it did become reality for me.  But, not being aware of the Montauk Project that I was part of at that time, I had no consciousness of the true origin of this ability.

This started with the occasional unmistakable incident.  A water faucet that I turned off then turned itself back on.  A lab beaker that I just placed on the counter in chemistry class jumps up and crashes to the floor. This one the lab assistant saw and was quite startled as she related what she saw.  I also was in a not so wonderful mood that day.  Other times I would just motion towards a door that I wanted to open and it would open on its own (no, it wasn’t one of those automatically opening doors).  Another time, I was downstairs arguing with my brother when we heard a loud crash upstairs.  In the upstairs bathroom, it looked as if the full length mirror had been flung across the room thus knocking things onto the floor.  The room was a wreck.  Of course, my handler mother blamed me for it.  One really extreme incident was when I was driving my car.  I was waiting to pull it out of the college parking lot.  I just thought of pulling the car out and turning right when it did this on its own.  I did not have my foot on the gas and did not steer the steering wheel.  In fact, I tried to get back control of the car by turning the wheel the opposite way.  This strategy was ineffective for it continued to drive itself until a full turn was executed.  All that time I was thinking how crazy this situation was.  I have also had broken things start to work again.  I was sitting near a broken clock while I was thinking “what next?”  with this.  It started chiming.   The one incident that got me thinking that I was the one that was doing these things was during a trip with my Civil Air Patrol troop at a dude ranch.  I was in the swimming pool.  There was someone there who was playing with a ball.  The ball ended up on the outside of the pool where it was unreachable.  I had a feeling that I could bring it  to me.  So, I just motioned for it to come to me.  It started rolling up a small incline right to me.  So, no poltergeist it seems.  It was all me.

I wanted this gone since I was afraid that I would hurt someone. Well, as if in answer to my concerns and prayers to have it taken away, I had a series of “dreams” where I was in a large room.  The room had many windows and was a mint green color.  There were chairs with attached desks  just like in a school.  At the far end was a large table with all kinds of old equipment (typewriter, military type radios, etc) on it.  The only other person in the room was a man who was standing to the side and a bit behind me.  He was late middle age, balding, glasses, wearing a lab coat and holding a clip board.  He spoke with an accent (German or Austrian).

In the first “dream” I was attempting to move a typewriter through the air.  Unfortunately, I lost my concentration and dropped it.  In each successive “dream” I had progressive levels of success until the last one.  In the the last one, I did the Yoda bit on a large heavy door.  I moved that sucker through the air like it was nothing.  I landed it without incident.  I also noted that I felt calm and a bit joyful. The man in the room seemed very pleased with my performance.  He commented, while writing on his clipboard, that I would only be able to use my ability if I am calm and in an uplifted mood.  After that, I had no more (or extremely few and benign) incidents.  It was a relief.  These days, I wonder if I did the right thing.

Now, the corroborative section of this post.

Back in the late 90s, I visited one Barbara Hartwell (another Montauk girl) at her then residence in Woodstock,NY for a weekend.  We started talking about a person who was responsible for psi training at the base.  She started to description of this person and I finished it.  Unfortunately, she didn’t know his name.  But, he was a real person and those “dreams” did have a real world effect.  So, could they actually have been real experiences?  I’m inclined to say “hell, yes!”.