Saturday, I visited a local state park to attend my friend’s astronomy lecture.  The venue is on top of a mountain and is the best area for viewing the night sky on the east coast.  On top of this mountain is a rock outcropping with an outrageous view.  I have climbed it several times and have always gotten dizzy and panicky since I have had vertigo from acrophobia for all of my life.  This time, though, when I climbed on top of it, I realized that those usual feelings weren’t there.  I didn’t get the life or death panic or the feeling of dizziness with the need to sit down.  I did feel a tiny bit of a resurgence of these feelings which I easily brushed aside.  I was so over joyed by this that I even did a little dance on it.  So, maybe that last incident that I wrote about in the previous post took away the deep subconscious reason for the condition.   Maybe it’s the breath work that I have been doing several times a week. Maybe, I’m not completely sure. But, it shows me that even something as ingrained as this was can be eliminated with little effort (or no effort since I wasn’t trying to heal this at the time).