Last night I was lying in bed and feeling quite angry.  In fact it was way too much anger and I didn’t feel quite like myself.  Try as I might I couldn’t release that anger which felt as if it came from a very deep place.  I do know that I have an angry splinter alter.  She does overshadow me at times and when that happens, relief is far from sight.  I asked for help from friends in high places (spirit, angels, higher beings, whatever) as well.  Not too much time passed when I felt as if something or someone pulled something (or someone) out of me.  It was quite a jolt.  I felt instantly relieved and the anger subsided.  I also know that was one layer.  So, if one asks and is sincere about it, one will get.  I am thankful to whoever or whatever helped me.  I also realize that I still have a long way to go in healing.  It always is a bit at a time or the cure could be worse than the condition.