In the last radio interview the host made a startling revelation to those listening.  Actually, I had a conversation with her prior to the interview.  She had already told me a smidgen of it.

If you got to listen to it, you may already know.   I will recap for those of you who didn’t hear it yet.  She revealed that she has memories of seeing me in her past.  Not the me of that time or the me of now, but an older me (about 10 to 20 years older).  This was on  three separate occasions mainly in Chicago and Louisville,Ky (1999 and 2000/2001).  One might have been at the same time that I was at the Louisville airport when I was younger as well.  She remembered  details of how I was dressed (purple shawl) and my hair which was dark with grey in it (I call it bad dye job).  Also she told of my demeanor.  Future (or past) me had the look of someone on a mission.  She (I) also made myself quite visible to her as if on purpose.  On at least one occasion I walked past her and stared at her.  This makes me think of the behavior of the Men in Black.  We had a further conversation on the phone which triggered another memory of  seeing me even further in her past in a bar.  That is where I walked past (this time wearing a blue shawl and some odd thing around my neck) and was looking at her.

One time, I would consider the possibility of mistaken identity.  Two times is “maybe she saw something”. Three times seems to start to synch the reality of it.  And four times, well, that is even more of a convincer.  It may mean that I live to a ripe old age and become a time traveling senior citizen.  Or something else like a parallel reality or even an older doppleganger.  Eventually I may know the answer to this since the future is inevitable.

In this day and age, such a thing could be reassuring since I have been finding my continued existence in doubt.