This happened in 1990.  One night, when I was still living with my parents, I had an incident with my mother.  I was trying to share the bathroom sink with her.  She kept nudging me and pushing me to the side.  Lying in bed after that I was seething with anger.  I felt like I wanted to kill her.  I was lying there for only a few moments (hardly enough time to fall asleep) when I saw a portal open up in the ceiling above me.  Then, I felt myself get sucked up into it.  I was hurtling through a tunnel quite fast towards some unknown destination.  I then saw a window on the destination side.  Through it I saw what appeared to be a ruined world.  The sky looked like it was burning with smoke all over.  There was the rubble of a former city.  In it I saw a man running away from a group of zombie like (like Night of the Living Dead) people.  They caught him and tore him to pieces.  In the foreground I saw what seemed like my frightened looking mother with these small reptile like beings holding an arm on either side.  These beings were not more than 4  ft tall.  They had large pointy ears and a tail.  They were telling me to enter their world in exchange for them tearing her apart.  I thought that revenge wasn’t worth the price.  I knew that  if I entered that world I would either go insane or die.  I called upon my friends in high places. I called upon the angels, the archangels, the avatars, guides, etc.  At that moment, I felt them come to me.  My forward momentum halted.  Then, I felt myself reverse direction and speed the other way.  I fell  back out of the ceiling portal into my bed with a thunk.  I saw a large menacing demonic face come out of the portal.  It was like something out of the movie “Poltergeist”.  I held back feeling any fear since I knew that fear would empower it.  I held up my hands and visualized shooting white light our of them at the face.  It vanished and the portal closed.  I fell back in bed trembling.  I felt the fear that I was keeping down.  I stayed awake all night.  I was just too wary of closing my eyes for fear of another similar incident.  Shortly thereafter, I put myself in therapy.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  There was once a woman named Ann Johnson.  She used to make these miraculously energized waters that she claimed was made under the direction of the Pleaidians.  She was actually studied in a lab and the results were off the charts.  She also did hypnotic regression for abductees.  She also had a newsletter back in the 90s.  There was an article in it about one of the abductees that she regressed in Texas.  It claimed that a young man recalled being abducted by reptilian type beings.  They placed an implant in his heart.  He also had a similar experience to the one I just wrote about above.  He also went through a  portal in the ceiling of his room and was traveling through a tunnel.  At the end of it was a world that was the same as the one that I just wrote about.  It was a word for word description.  Even the beings he described were identical.  There was even an illustration of them which was exactly the same.  The only discrepancy was  that my mother wasn’t there.  Somehow he managed to escape as well.

Also, back in the 90s I went to a UFO conference on Long Island.  Eve Lorgen was one of the speakers.  She told the audience about how  beings termed “little Godzillas” would come though a portal in people’s ceilings.  Very interesting.

So, an experience that I might’ve chalked up to some sort of mental derangement may not be so.  This might actually have happened to some extent.  It may not have necessarily been physical.  It could’ve been on the astral or etheric level.  The only problem with that is my state of consciousness at the time.  Shortly after it began, I was wide awake since it was a jolt to my system.  If it was a dream, hypnagogic, astral, or etheric, it is more than likely that I would’ve snapped out of it when I woke up.  Of course, temporary insanity was also considered since I did put myself into therapy.  This was also before I got re-acquainted with The Montauk Project.  And the jury is still out on this one.