Delta T Antenna

Originally, I was invited to go to a Montauk Night to speak.  I didn’t feel too cool about that, so I asked to just attend.  This was in early April 1993.  When I attempted  to drive from the other side of the Hudson river to Long Island a snow storm started and quickly turned to whiteout blizzard conditions.    I can say that I definitely did not make it to Long Island that night.

But, the second time I got an invite from Preston Nichols to visit him at his lab in East Islip, NY.  (It also turned out that Preston was the crazy Preston that I heard about from a friend of mine back in the mid ’80s from a mutual friend).  This time I made it to Long Island.  I stopped first at Peter Moon’s house since he was to bring me over to Preston’s.

We made it to Preston’s house with no problem.  I could tell which one was his since the Delta T (octahedral shaped) antenna was over a building in the back of the yard.   The area had an interesting energy to it.   When we entered the back building, I saw Preston talking to a couple of people.  While talking to them I noticed him looking over at me with curiosity.  After they left, he asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the place.  Of course I said yes.  It mainly consisted of the front room and the back room where he had old radio equipment especially the alleged Tesla designed radio used in the Montauk Project.  Well, the circuitry sure did looked like art to me since it was laid out in spiral patterns.  I even called it a museum to which he replied that that’s what he called it “The Museum”.

I got to view the first video he took out at Camp Hero and he even gave me a copy.  He asked me if I wanted to try out the “Montauk Boys” music.  I was curious so I said yes.  He pulled out a comfy chair which was directly under the Delta T antenna and asked me to sit down in it.  Peter was behind me and Preston was in front of me.  I sat down and waited.  I recall that the first song played was Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”.  The only thing that I felt was the urge to dance I told them.  But, after that other songs from classical to rock were played in succession.  At that second song, I found that I couldn’t move or open my eyes.  This was not a voluntary condition.  I started to feel scared as hell.  There was one point when the theme from Swan Lake (Boston Pops version) was playing.  My hands felt as if they were being electrified.  I could hear Preston excitedly tell Peter to look at my hands.  Also, during another song, I tried to get out of the chair, but could only flop back  helplessly in it.  Finally, the music ended and Preston and Peter helped to bring me back out of my trance state.   Preston then told me that pretty much that it seemed that I had the same programming (chair, LSD experiments, Camp Hero  cross point signature frequency, etc) as the Montauk boys.  He even called me a time traveler since he saw my hands fading out during Swan Lake which was used for time travel preparation.  The other indicator was that the sound system which was specially set up for this registered a feed back into it.  He was puzzled though since he claimed that he didn’t remember me.  (Yet, boy did he stare)

The possibility that the whole Montauk involvement was/is real made for a great deal of distress for me.  Also, being left hanging with an “Oh  and by the way, you’re most likely a programmed time traveling psychic drug tripping mind controlled operative type”  (not the exact words) still feels like it sucks rocks.  It feels weird and can play hell at any “normal” life.  So, any wannabes out there, don’t do or wish it.  You’ll be very sorry.  Well, at least I had some support at that time.  Thanks to my friends then.