Hey there!

This blog is about another survivor coming out of the urban legend closet.  Hell, this blog is from a survivor coming out of the urban legend closet.  Now, which one would that be?  Well, since the blog’s title is Montauk Girl, take a wild guess.

I usually keep my past involvement rather low key and under the radar.  But, times being as they are, I decided to create this blog.  It might be informative or it might be confusing.  I think it could be a bit of both.

You see, I have memories and experiences that, a lot of times, lead back to the Montauk Project.  They are not linear nor are they complete.  These things may even come out more like a stream of consciousness type thing.  But, altogether can become a patchwork quilt of something more cohesive.  Memory is tricky that way.  But it might be worth it to stick with it till the end, whatever that is.

Oh, and I did not really introduce myself.  Well,  to keep it relevant to this blog, I will give the short version.  I am a survivor of the Montauk Project (as somewhat stated above).  I was used in many functions and still have problems from it to this day.  The affects linger on and have made things kind of difficult.  Not to mention any attempt at mainstreaming can potentially be a wash.  Yep, it’s the margins for me.  It makes it necessary to live an almost double life since these things are still ridiculed due to lack of understanding and a bit of denial through fear.  Hell, I laughed at it in the early days when I thought that I had nothing to do with it.  Laugh then, pay now.

Yes, this blog is a wee bit skimpy at present, but good things can start small.  Well, it’s late and I feel tired.  I will elaborate in later posts.